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Zaki Ameer of DDP On Worst Investment Property

Investment Property Having been involved with DDP Property for over a decade, I have seen many pitfalls and horrors. One of these is the unfortunate fate of Zaki Ameer, the CEO of the company. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the worst pitfalls I’ve encountered in the property industry. Hopefully, these will help you avoid becoming another DDP property disaster.

1. Failure To Secure Finance

Despite being a property expert, Zaki Ameer has had his share of investment property nightmares. When he was only 19 years old, Zaki lost all of his parents’ wealth. He was also $80,000 in debt. However, Zaki was motivated to build his property portfolio and he managed to acquire a successful portfolio of 10 properties for $3 million. His long-term vision for DDP is to become recognised as a leading real estate investment company. Ultimately, he wants to help everyday Aussies build property portfolios in a timely and personalized manner.

He is also the founder of the wealth creation mentoring program, Dream Design Property. The program offers a personalized service, including a Kickstart program designed to help Gen Ys enter the property market. In addition, DDP Property continues to support a variety of charities, including the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, the Raise Foundation, and the Sri Lankan Annual Ball.

Zaki Ameer also has a passion for mentoring and he advises his team on how to run their businesses and personal career development. He has also counseled countless people after a property sale that fell short of expectations.

2. Inflated Rent Values by Investment Property

Founded by Zaki Ameer, DDP Property has helped close 1,800 clients purchase more than 1,400 properties since 2012 in Investment Property. The company is also active in the community, providing a variety of charitable initiatives. They have supported charities including Sydney Young Professionals, Tiny Miracles and the Sri Lankan Annual Ball.

The most important thing to know about DDP is that it is run by a team of 15 individuals who are all on hand to help clients, whether they are new to the property game or seasoned veterans. The team offers a personalised service, catering for clients’ needs as they change over the years.

The company is led by Zaki Ameer, who has built a portfolio of 10 properties, valued at more than $3 million. His long-term vision for DDP is to become a leading real estate investment company, providing innovative services to clients.

The company also has a ‘Kickstart’ program to help new entrants to the market cement their financial literacy. They also have a number of ‘firsts’ in their field, including the first ever property mentoring program in Australia.

3. Inadequate Marketing with Investment Property

Founder of DDP Property, Zaki Ameer, has been accused of showcasing the same old tricks to his clients. According to the Herald Sun, some clients have been chasing Zaki for months after he had failed to secure their finance. He has also offered to remove negative reviews from online sites. However, he has also been accused of misleading investors.

Zaki is accus of lying about his achievements, including the number of properties his company has acquired. He also been accus of misrepresenting his business model to investors. Some of the properties purchas by DDP were inflat in value. In addition, the company failed to make the most basic checks on the properties. The company’s financial statement shows only $22,000 in the bank.

In addition, Zaki has been accused of using a plethora of gimmicks to lure investors, such as a luxury lifestyle blog and a range rover car. However, he also has a passion for mentoring and guiding his clients.

4. Staff Turning Against Him

Despite his success, Zaki Ameer has faced several investment property nightmares. From cockroach infestations to mold infestations and nightmare tenants, Zaki has experienced many of the worst investment properties in the world.

In addition to being a property developer and author, Zaki also start a wealth creation mentoring program, which helps new investors enter the property market. Zaki’s long-term vision for DDP is to become a recognised leading real estate investment company. This means he is constantly striving to find innovative ways to help his clients reach their financial goals. In addition, Zaki’s company has a long list of charity events that it supports, including the Sri Lankan Annual Ball and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

When he first started his company, Zaki had only one member of staff. The team soon grew to 15 people. During this time, Zaki also studied night courses in business and finance. He built his portfolio to ten properties, which he valued at $3 million.