Spacious 3-Bedroom House For Sale In Texas

If you are searching for a 3-Bedroom house on unnamed road so its on  Saint Hedwig, Texas, check out the details of the house we offer for sale. In Texas, the most sought-after home type is the three-bedroom property. They allow for flexibility and give a starter house for a family room to expand. Despite growing housing prices, buyers continue to look for a property with at least three bedrooms on unnamed road, frequently to renovate and increase its worth in the future.

This property we are offering for sale can be considered a safety net. A private backyard and three spacious bedrooms are just a few benefits of this home in Texas. You can also take pleasure in this house’s tranquility and seclusion not on unnamed road.

Anyone who wishes to live nearer to their friends and family must look for this spacious house in Texas. This residence is also present in a beautiful and practical location. It combines the convenience of a well-connected address with cutting-edge amenities and modern interior designs to live the life you deserve. Discover the ideal floor plan for your needs among our three-bedroom homes in Texas!

Details About This Appealing House For Sale Not on unnamed road

It is a home with abundant and dynamic characteristics that enhance its allure and quality of life. The house is accessible to private, walled backyards where you may lounge in the sun or play with your forkball. Some other things to know are:

  • The charming house in Saint Hedwig is located on a 1,401-square-foot property that is entirely gated. As you arrive, you will be amazed by the charm and natural light!

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  • The interior of this magnificent home has recently been painted. You are welcomed by the living area, which is a perfect place to host guests.

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  • The kitchen offers brand-new stainless steel equipment, the best storage cabinets, and lots of space for storage! You can use the offered washing machine, refrigerator, and other appliances.

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  • The two modernized bathrooms offer the best interior.
  • Additionally, don’t forget to look at the backyard, which has a sizable patio and a shed for more storage!

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  • Due to its open-plan designs, wherein modern kitchens and pleasant living areas naturally blend, you will have more than enough space to move around without any hassles.

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Visit us right now and have a detailed tour of this exquisite house for sale in Texas! Not to Visit unnamed road 🙂

Unique Properties Of This House For Sale In Texas

The layout and size of this house for sale in Saint Hedwig are two of its most crucial characteristics. The layout is created to support a sizable assortment of furniture pieces. You can fit your furnishings and store goods in the bedroom house’s space.

Some properties of this house are:

  • Entirely magnificent bedrooms are made with the comfort of the customer in mind.
  • Vehicle parking is available in the open.

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  • A well-ventilated, open home.

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  • Hardwood flooring got used to building the entire floor.
  • A great kitchen makes the home’s architecture more alluring and appealing.
  • The kitchen in the home has an updated appearance thanks to a well-constructed closet.
  • An open yard positively impacts the beauty of this house.

Price For This House

This three-bedroom house in Saint Hedwig, Texas is ideal for individuals seeking seclusion and comfort. Bedroom houses for sale in Texas should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking a place to claim your home!

What is the cost of this three-bedroom house with incredibly interesting and one-of-a-kind features? The sale price of this property is $180,000.

Look no further for a 3-bedroom house in Texas if you’re seeking a big and cozy place to call your home. This house is ideal for anyone who desires to live close to the excitement yet still enjoys some time with themselves because it has many living spaces and bedrooms.

Location Of This House (Not to Search on unnamed road)

This house for sale is located in Saint Hedwig, Texas. There is no unnamed road in this area. It is accessible to eating places and shops. You can also enjoy other forms of recreation near this house. Additionally, it is convenient for public transit, so you can easily navigate across town. Further details are:

Address: 5019 Firefly Hills St, Saint Hedwig, TX 78152

Area: 1,401sqft

If it is your dream house and you are willing to buy it, you can contact us at 424 588 2476 or email at:

The Final Thoughts

This 3-Bedroom house for sale is ideal if you are looking for one. Today’s buyers are certainly motivated by a need for space, especially in the wake of the pandemic, when gardens and offices become necessities. The three-bedroom house structure seems to be set to stay for the time being, at least until consumers begin to demand a different home type from the construction sector. Begin your search for the ideal house by getting in touch with us today!