Rodgers Appraisal

Rodgers Appraisal is a Real Estate Valuation

Rodgers Appraisal is a real estate valuation company that performs appraisals for a variety of parties. Its focus is on thorough preparation and high-quality appraisal reports. Its reputation is based on experience and integrity. With a team of experienced professionals, the firm is able to provide quality reports and provide clients with valuable information.

Bert Rodgers Appraisal Continuing Education

The Bert Rodgers School of Appraisal Management offers online courses and instructor-led livestream courses. While the school does not currently offer an in-person option, its website has a list of contact methods to help you obtain help. It also offers support through a variety of channels during business hours.

Online courses from Bert Rodgers are available at various prices. The cheapest course costs around $249, while the most expensive one costs $469. There are also multiple options for the online course, including a Career Starter package for those who are on a budget. The school also offers a state exam prep course, which is ideal for those who didn’t previously take exam prep or need a refresher course.

school is licensed in Florida

The school is licensed in Florida, so it should be reputable (Rodgers Appraisal). It also has many positive reviews on websites like Yelp and Indeed. Reviews generally praise the quality of instruction and course layout. The school also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has had it since 2017.

Bert Rodgers Schools of Real Estate started in 1958 and has been educating thousands of real estate agents since then. The schools initially focused on distance education, but the real estate market’s downturn meant that students stopped coming in for new licenses and required continuing education classes (Rodgers Appraisal). After the crash, however, the schools recovered and started expanding their courses. They also now have several locations throughout Florida, including the Gold Coast School of Real Estate.

Appraiser Rodgers Id 3441314

Rogers Valuation & Acquisition, Inc. provides real estate appraisal and consulting services. The firm was founded in 1996 and is based in Alabama. Its principal is Michael J. Rogers, MAI, who is a Senior Residential Appraiser Member of the Appraisal Institute. He also holds the appraisal review designation AI-GRS. The company is having license in Florida and Alabama. The company also has a salesperson, Nelda Rogers, who is a broker.

Rodgers Appraisal

Rodgers appraisal is a real estate valuation firm that specializes in preparing quality appraisal reports for various parties. The firm’s reputation is built on integrity, competence, and diligence, and its team of professionals are highly experienced in their field. Whether it’s an appraisal for a private buyer or a business buyer, Rodgers Appraisal is an excellent choice.

The company was realize in 1996 and operate out of Banner, Mississippi. The company is led by Michael J. Rogers, MAI, who is a General Member and Senior Residential Appraiser of the Appraisal Institute and holds the appraisal review designation AI-GRS. Mike Rogers is certified in the State of Florida and Alabama and has a Real Estate license in Alabama. The company also employs Nelda Rogers, who holds a real estate salesperson license.

Placing An Order Online

When placing an order online (Rodgers Appraisal), you must make sure to follow the guidelines for using the order form. Once you’ve submitted the form, the appraiser will contact you to discuss the details of the assignment. It’s important to note that submitting the order form does not signify that the appraiser has accepted the order.

The company’s appraisers are experienc in all types of investment real estate, including apartment complexes, condominiums, high-rise office buildings, subdivisions, churches, and motels. The company also offers appraisals for special-purpose properties such as country clubs and retail properties. Its team has extensive experience in these fields and welcomes questions. So get in touch with Rogers Appraisal Service today and let them help you find the best solution to your real estate needs.