You've just closed a deal on a new house for a client. The deal has been completed, and they now have possession of the keys. Do you ...

Retaining Clients Is the Key to Success in the Real Estate Industry

You’ve just closed a deal on a new house for a client. The deal has been completed, and they now have possession of the keys. Do you think you’re done with your work now? Wrong.


Since retaining customers / client is the most important factor in growing a business, the highest-grossing agents see the end of a sale as the beginning. The best way to stay top-of-mind for customers after a sale is to develop long-term relationships with them.


Every time a client needs a real estate agent, you want them to think of you first. It’s not a one-time occurrence, however. It is imperative that you work hard to maintain your relationships with your clients. It’s important to try to keep your customers, so here are some tips on how to do it.


Personalize your interactions with customers by utilizing their specific interests and needs.

Person-to-person contact is more satisfying for us in person than it is online. In order to keep customers, you’ll have to put your efforts into building long-term relationships.



Get to know your customers / client.

Your customers deserve a personalised experience, so get to know them before trying to sell them your products. Do not go into detail about what you want from them, or how your business can help them, at this time. A good starting point is to get an idea of their hopes and dreams for the process of purchasing or selling a house. Your ability to provide excellent customer service will be enhanced by getting to know your customers’ lifestyles and families. A clear picture of what they desire now and in the future will emerge from this.


Participate in your local community

Participating in community events is a great way to meet potential customers / client and have them learn more about your business. Building relationships with your customers is a primary goal of community events.


To make the most of special occasions, reach out.

To show gratitude for their business, write them a letter after they buy or sell their home. Allow yourself the luxury of leaving a memento of your friends behind with this thoughtful gesture. Send them a housewarming gift a few weeks after they’ve bought a home from you. It’s also a good idea to develop the custom of sending holiday or birthday cards to previous clients. Your name will always be in their minds.


Here are my top five suggestions for impressing and retaining customers / client.


  1. Aim for service


For the long haul, building your company requires humility and respect for the customers / client who put their faith in your abilities to provide a valuable service. The first step in building a relationship of mutual benefit is to offer your customers something of value, and then follow through on that promise. In order to build trust with your customers, it is essential that you fulfill your promises and deliver on your promises to them. By successfully fusing technology with human interaction, you’ll be able to continue to exist in your field for the next 15 years.


  1. Value over the long run


Make an estimate of the customer’s total life-cycle value. As a point of reference, if every new customer invests $10,000 and returns to you six times, their lifetime value is $60,000. Now, how are you going to treat this prospective customer? Even the impact of referrals to this critical strategic metric in your business is changed by this new mindset, isn’t it?


  1. Customers’ / Client loyalty


Activate them and turn them into fervent defenders of your cause. Loyalty to a company is the ability of customers or client to stay with you even if a competitor is offering a lower price, better quality, or newer product. Keeping an existing customer is less expensive than finding a new one, so you should build this. You must remain current and active. Making a difference in the lives of your clients begins with doing what’s right and getting immediate feedback on it. To do this, you must first meet, and then exceed their expectations. They won’t need to leave if you keep doing this; you’ll have them for the rest of your life! Because you provide a service, you own a piece of real estate in their minds. Alarmingly, a large percentage of real estate agents only work on finding new clients, rather than cultivating their current client base.


  1. A plan to keep employees engaged and happy


You have the ability to create systems that help you delight your customers and keep them returning to your business. Retention strategies are an important part of any company’s growth strategy. Without these strategies in place, your “I’m going to find new clients every week because I don’t look after my current clients properly and soon I’ll go broke” strategy is in place. Consider the power of word of mouth. Good and bad experiences with other companies are stories we all tell to family, friends, and coworkers. What will the general public say about your enterprise? How do you get your A-list customers to spread the word about your company and help you establish yourself as a leader in your industry? You want your current A-graders to describe your business in the words that best describe it.


  1. Recommendation tactics


By putting systems in place to handle the aforementioned strategies, you’ll generate referrals from people you helped cross your bridge. Once you’ve gotten them from point A to point B and they’ve had a good experience, they’ll help direct others to you by pointing them in your direction! Basically, it’s a conveyor belt. The fact that referrals from people we know carry a higher level of trust, makes it far more likely that we will take action on them. It’s a completely free and extremely trustworthy sales force. Is there anything better for your company’s marketing strategy?