Top Ten Issues That Affect the Present-Day Real Estate

Have you shortlisted the properties that you plan to invest in?? If you have already decided to invest in properties, think before you take the leap of faith. Investing in real estate has been a trend for long. But if real estate is the best place to invest remains a question.

A lot of stalwarts have argued that real estate is a good investment. However, there’s a lot to take into account if you are thinking of buying a property. You must understand the aspects that affect real estate investments and make wise decisions.

If you are on the verge of investing in real estate, go through these ten issues first. Understand them before you spend your hard-earned money to buy a house.

  1. Covid-19 ( invest in properties )

Covid-19 has changed everything. It has affected all aspects of life and has made people adapt to ways they never thought of. But how has Covid-19 affected real estate? Before understanding the effects of Covid-19 on real estate, you need to know the existing issues. Real estate has already been facing issues with fragility, adapting to new demands, and potential relevance to new markets.

The transition from offline to online has affected real estate. Companies, schools, and colleges have shifted to online education. So, whether a company needs a new office or not remains a question. Once the pandemic is over, things might take a turn, but real estate is now suffering, and people are not willing to shift base or risk their money to buy properties.

  1. Economic renewal

As per research, the US economy was heading towards a massive change until the Covid-19 pandemic ushered in. Annual job growth declined from 3 million in 2015 to approximately 2 million in 2019. It is highly unlikely that real estate will take a big turn in the next few years. The GDP is expected to grow slowly with an approx growth rate of 1.5-1.6% during the 2020s. Hence, investing in real estate now might not be a good option.

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  1. Capital market risk ( invest in properties )

Loans and rents form a major part of the economy. Research found commercial mortgage REIT sector is down by 36% YTD, with many of them down by 50% YTD. In addition, the percentage of rent paid in each sector is an important factor in the capital market. With the onset of the pandemic, people have witnessed behavioural changes, which is a major determinant in understanding the real estate market and what capital will ultimately cost.

  1. Public and private indebtedness

Real estate is local. The value and demand for commercial real estate depend on local indebtedness funded by local taxes. Money and fiscal intervention have always been a necessity. These have been important since the Great Recession of 2009, and the current crisis demands these interventions and is one of the top ten issues affecting real estate.

  1. Affordable housing ( invest in properties )

Properties are not affordable for all. It is a major issue all over the world. The lower income group people are unable to buy a house for themselves and often look to rent a place. As per National Low-Income Housing Coalition, there’s a dearth of affordable homes across the globe. More than 7.2 million affordable rental homes are essential to cater to lower-income people. It is a major reason that increases the rents and the prices of multifamily investment properties. Prices have always been a major concern and is one of the most important issues affecting real estate.

  1. Flow of people

You have to understand if there are people moving into a place before investing in real estate. People who are willing to invest in real estate must understand the prospects before taking a step forward. Chances of reselling a property decline if there are no people in the area. Covid-19 has affected the flow of people with many restrictions and the migration of people. Consequently, this has hurt the demand for residential, hospitality, and retail real estate. Research showed that almost 40% of the urban population is considering a shift to less crowded areas, thanks to the 2020 pandemic. If this happens, then there will be a boost to real estate. Yet, it depends on how long the changes brought by the virus last.

  1. Space utilization ( invest in properties )

There’s a lot to understand in real estate. The utilization of space is a major factor. The pandemic has forced the use, location, mechanical infrastructure, and interior configuration of commercial buildings. The focus has changed. Previously, the focus was on safety, and now it has been necessary to improve indoor air quality to reduce threats of airborne particles. It is impossible for classic retail format and retailers to recover from the damages and reconstruct their structure. Real estate is about space utilization, and the sudden changes have impacted the traditional structure and designs.

  1. Technology and workflow

Technology has taken centre stage with the onset of the pandemic. All sectors have shifted to technology. Remote workplace has become popular, and people are willing to work from home even when the pandemic is almost coming to an end. But if you look at the brighter side, companies are adopting the latest technologies to manage, monitor, and mitigate risks. You will witness safer, efficient, and well-prepared properties for everybody’s convenience.

  1. Infrastructure ( invest in properties )

Infrastructure is a major issue affecting real estate. Research says the ongoing infrastructure crisis will affect the global real estate market. An estimated underinvestment of $15 trillion by 2040 is a major concern for the real estate market. The pandemic, extreme weather conditions, cyber-attacks, and terrorism are some major factors affecting real estate infrastructure.

  1. ESG

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a critical component in real estate. ESG will play a pivotal role in mitigating risk to create long-term value for real estate properties. The body takes into account the change in investors’ mindset and the new era of millennial investors. You must know about ESG and how it will affect real estate even after the pandemic has neutralised some major concerns like the risk of climate change that ESG is used to monitor.

Wrapping up,

Investing in real estate is easy if you have money. But if your money will grow is something you need to understand. Investments are subject to risk, but you need to calculate and understand if the risk is worth taking. The factors listed above will help you understand how real estate is functioning and what to keep in mind while making a decision. Browse through the various articles published on the internet, and analyse the project you are interested in before taking a step forward.

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