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6 Sustainable Home Renovation Techniques to Reduce Energy Bills

6 Sustainable Home Renovation Techniques to Reduce Energy Bills

Is home renovation on the cards? Home remodelling for a majority of owners is all about adding more rooms to the house or making cosmetic changes across various parts of their homes like the bathroom and the kitchen. Overall, home renovation is largely based on your needs. So, it might not be like others are doing but dealing with those issues that you need to address. If you have been paying exponentially high electricity bills, it’s time you adopt a sustainable remodelling strategy. Making slight changes may turn your home into a green living space. Wondering how?

Here are 5 sustainable renovation techniques to follow.

Home renovation tips to save energy expenses

1.    Make your appliances energy-effective 

Do you know that home appliances contribute to about 10% of the energy consumption of your house? From washers to refrigerators, cooking ranges, and the HVAC system, you need to make all of them more energy-effective. Now it won’t be easy and the total investment may seem like an indulgence initially.

Try to calculate your existing annual cost for operating the appliances and measure it against the expenses you incur after home renovation in Salmon Arm. You are sure to notice a major difference in the cost. When it comes to appliances, do not forget to check the energy ratings of the devices. That way, you can expect a better outcome after swapping your old appliances with energy-effective appliances.

2.    Changing the insulation with Home Renovation

Is your attic properly insulated? Ask yourself this question before you start researching home builders and renovators in Shuswap for remodelling your home.  You cannot make your house energy-efficient if your residence is weak in insulation.

Therefore, make sure you do not miss this point. But if you are wondering how this upgrade will help, the reasoning is simple. With adequate insulation, your house will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. No escape of hot or cold air from your house will improve its energy efficiency. Research every corner of your home for insulation gaps to reduce energy expenses. As far as the insulation material is concerned, the R-value indicates its effectiveness. The higher the R-value the better it is for effectively insulating your home.

3.    Replacing the windows while Home Renovation

If you have been waiting to modify or replace the windows of your home, now is the right opportunity. There is nothing more beneficial than a window replacement to lock your home’s energy and what’s more, you can make them look appealing as well. So, window replacement serves twin options. Even when you buy new windows during homerenovation in Salmon Arm, you must check the energy ratings. Usually, energy-rated windows come with warmer interior glasses and include coatings to reduce the heat.  Additionally, you will find them having about two to three glass panes and spacers to add to the existing insulation.

4.    Changing the HVAC system

Replacing the HVAC system with a new one may seem overwhelming for most homeowners. But it is one of the most effective changes you need to make to ensure that the system works appropriately. If you have been using the HVAC system for a decade now, it is time you interpret a change. Chances are that you may have already noted significant changes during the operation of the HVAC system. The moment you note the fallacies, the sooner should you go for a replacement.

5.    Seal the cracks

Every home develops cracks through which hot and cold air escapes and reduces the energy efficiency of your residence. As a responsible owner, you need to consult with a couple of residential builders in Salmon Arm who have equal expertise in renovation. But if you are looking for one of the best service providers, trust Hindbo Construction Group Inc. operating in Shuswap and the North Okanagan areas. They treat all kinds of renovation projects with attention to detail and aim to provide satisfaction to the customers.

6.    Change the lighting fixtures

Does your home still have a traditional lighting system? Be sure to use CFL or LED lights for energy effectiveness inside your home. Research shows that LED bulbs save over 80% of their electricity which is one reason why homeowners are switching to this option.

Are you ready to move ahead with sustainable home renovation options?  It should be a priority that every homeowner needs to consider to ensure substantial savings in energy costs.