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ELK RIDGE- Beautiful 28 Acre With Waterfall & Caves for Sale Available

One of our most unique caves for sale tracts in recent years, this property has a sizable cave as well as its own tiny creek, pond, and waterfall. This natural zone is a priceless jewel!

An ideal hunting and recreational area like caves for sale, the settlement has numerous areas for construction and camping on each plot. A short drive is thousands of acres of statewide forestry and Eminence, Missouri. White-tailed deer, turkeys, and other wildlife abound in this area, just a few miles west of where the Department of Conservation released a sizable herd of elk. These properties are hard to find due to their convenient location and the abundance of activities such as horseback riding, fishing, and swimming in the Jacks Fork River.

Total 15 Tracts- Tract 12 Is Truly Developed & Amazing

Elk Ridge has only about 15 tract caves for sale, so there is rarely a crowded neighborhood. Elk Ridge has miles of hiking trails, but these are for owners and their visitors only. Each Elk Ridge property owner has access to different parts of the property through the existing trail system, even though all properties there are on public roads. These lanes are intended for use by four-wheelers, side-by-side (Razors), and pedestrians. Tract 12 has a super cool cave and a mesmerizing waterfall. It also has electricity.

It covers 28 acres in total. There is lots of area like caves for sale to your select out of numerous homes and/or tenting websites due to the fact it’s far kind of 2100 feet from north to south and has approximately 600 feet of the spot avenue frontage. The north gives up the land and is bordered with the aid of using Highway 106. Additionally, a path traverses the asset’s northernmost and significant portions. All Elk Ridge asset proprietors have to get admission to those trails, which give get admission to numerous components of the assets.

Caves for sale have the highest elevation on the north side of the country, next to the paved road. If you go south, it will drop into a valley (where there is a small stream at the bottom), but if you go further south, it will drop again when you return to a ridge.

More Details To Know about caves for sale

Keep in mind that many aerial maps and images are almost three or four years old when the land was cleared. The new antenna reflects this reality, showing more ‘green’ as hundreds of small trees have evolved over the past 3-4 years. In fact, the site (caves for sale) is covered in a fair amount of young (and growing) wood.

Hiking trails are private roads for property owners and their visitors only. Access to various parts of your land (caves for sale), which is made through these existing roads. These roads are much undeveloped (and will always be). They are designed for use on foot, four wheels, or in parallel vehicles (razors). These roads are permanently accessible to property owners and their visitors.

The property is approximately 4 miles west of Eminence, Missouri. This property isn’t far from Eminence, Missouri, despite its remoteness and secluded location (and an amazing array of wildlife). You can continue to explore, hunt, and camp in this vast area. But, there are over 10,000 acres of state and national parks and forests within 10 miles of the property for hunting, camping, horseback riding, and playing.

Cleared Land (caves for sale)

This land (caves for sale) was cleared about 4-5 years ago. There was extensive logging. Thousands of young oak, pine and hickory trees cover most of the property. However, there are still some large trees (and many other species). Sometimes, I spend weeks cleaning up properties I log in with, but I have a lot of chores to do right now. Thus, I decided to leave some properties alone and sell them for less. However, years of experience have shown that the branches left by the loggers will rot in just a few years. The remaining trees will grow rapidly, making the property wonderful. You can definitely own the property yourself.

The six basic documentary insurance policies listed on our website apply to this wing (excludes mobile homes, etc.). Any house or shed built on the site for residential use must have a concrete foundation of at least 600 square feet (a simple 20 x 30 shed meets this requirement).

Price Details

The gross selling price for this caves for sale 28-acre zone in Elk Ridge is $119,500 and we offer immediate owner financing. It requires a minimum deposit of $1,500, as opposed to the $500 required by many properties.

A deposit of $1,500 immediately gives you a discounted interest rate of 7 3/4%, with a monthly payment of $1,125.

Conclusive Note:

If this is your property, please select your initial deposit amount in the box below. We will also be happy to answer any questions or concerns about your transaction. So, please feel free to call us. Don’t forget to explore caves for sale!