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Build Your Guest House with These Extraordinary Ideas

Build Your Guest House with These Extraordinary Ideas

Building a guest house contractor San Diego may seem a luxury that only a few can afford. But it is a home improvement project that will not cost you high but will appraise the value of your property if you have the right guest house contractor by your side.

That said, it is not as simple as just constructing a house in your backyard. Building your guest house requires careful planning and consideration. It includes permits, foundation, plumbing, electrical drafting, insulation, and much more —even if you are making a small guest house.

Whether you need the guest house for your relative to stay in or want to make some extra cash out of it through renting it out, we have got you covered with a few ideas that can help you build a dwelling unit on your property. Besides, constructing a guest house might take a few months and a few thousand dollars. But it will all be worth it when you welcome your guests.

Convert a Garage or Shed into the Guest House (guest house contractor San Diego)

When you want to build a guest house – the sacrifice of the garage to make a guest house is needed! Which is more often than not, worthwhile!

Forging the garage or the shed to build a living space is a pocket-friendly, quicker, and easier option to carry out the project.

While converting the garage, you need a budget of $1200/m2. In this cost, you can expect to include the cost of planning, designing, construction, building regs, and structural engineers fees. While, if you need finishes and furniture, you will need to spend extra depending on your choice for them and the type of guests houses contractors in San Diego you have, to assist you.

The Custom Building guests house contractor San Diego

Building a guest house from scratch is the most customizable chance to construct a unique guest home that suits your needs, design preference, and lifestyle.

According to the HomeAdvisor, the cost per meter square to build a guest house is no less than a house, which varies between $100 – $200 in the US. So, the cost to build a guest house of 500 square feet will start from $50,000 square feet.

Well, you can opt to build a single-room cabin of 150 square feet for $15,000, but it will not give you returns on your investment as such. That said, most experts recommend building at least 500 square feet of the guest house to get the most returns on your investment.

Depending on the weather and site conditions, the guest house construction can take four months to a year to complete.

Buy One Ready-Made guest house contractor San Diego

Modular structures assembled at the site are the cheapest way to build a guest house. These guest house kits might start in the range of $5,500 – but that does not reflect the actual cost. It is not as simple as ordering the kits and stationing them in the backyard (as much as we wish it was real). To install the ready-made unit, you need to prepare the site, which will include leveling the ground, grading the land, and creating a foundation to prevent the home from sinking into the ground.

The average cost of a foundation varies according to the materials and types – basement ($33), crawl space ($13), pier and beam ($9), and concrete slab ($7). Besides, the costs depend on the guest house contractor in San Diego you have chosen to hand over your project.

However, these were the creative ideas to help you with the type of guest house you want to build on your property and their estimated prices. Now, let us dig into the innovative ideas that will help you enhance the look and feel of your guest house.

Interiors of the Guest House: Let’s Make It Accommodating (guest house contractor San Diego)

  • Let’s Work with The Natural Light –

Natural light boosts your mood, lifts your spirit, improves your health, and saves electricity. Not to mention, just everything looks afresh in the sunlight.

Interestingly, the benefits of natural light are not unnoticed. The potential homebuyers or the guests look out for the guest houses or the houses citing more sunlight and are ready to pay extra for it. So, when you are building your guest house, let’s work with diverse types of ways that can lift the infusion of natural light in your home!

  • Add more high windows in the bedroom or bathrooms to get the sunlight. Given that the sun is beaming the light from overhead, your place will have a lot of natural light where you can relax in the warmth.
  • Skylights are another effective and newest way to welcome the sunlight into the house. Instead of switching on the conventional lights during the day, you will have the natural light in the guest house. It will not only look stylish but also enhance the look of the place.
  • Another excellent way to get the sunlight while having complete privacy is to deploy frosted windows. It stops the glare from entering the home while inviting enough natural light into the house.

Besides, there are many other ways to get the natural light into the house for which you should get assistance from an experienced guests houses contractors in San Diego.

  • Colorful Window Treatments (guest house contractor San Diego)

When it comes to windows, they are the ones that can enhance or break down the aesthetics of the place. Windows and their dressing not only become a focal point, but the glass pattern and its decor give a distinct theme to the space. Let’s see a few types of windows that impact the place differently.

  • Curtain Tie-Backs – The formal and sober curtains tied in the corners give a look of elegance. Whereas the funky curtains give a cool look to the place.



  •  Covered up – By using drapery treatments, you can conceal a corner window and cover up the windows so that they do not let light into the room!
  • In Symmetry – Symmetry and high windows go a long way when treated with the custom pattern and colors. Windows located side by side or joined at the corners dressed in in-symmetry create a unifying look. 
  • Round Valance Repetition – For large rooms and windows meeting at corners, these valance loops and tassels help to smooth the look of the place. Using pop or bold colors amps up the place even more.

These are just a few window dressings to highlight out of many. There is N number of other patterns a professional guest house contractor in San Diego can suggest.

  • Add The Separate Areas

Guest houses often have limited space. But that is no reason for guests to get cramped into using the bed all the time to sit. The separate areas should be added to the room, even if that means adding them to the room itself. The space should have love seats or couches and coffee tables.

Not only will this add to the charm and comfort of the living room, but it will also be a separate area for visitors to relax away from the bed and enjoy their coffee or drinks.

  • Colors & Patterns –

We paint our homes in colors that reflect who we are, and with what colors we get comfortable vibes. However, guest house design should be approached differently. Since you are not going to spend much time in your guest house and guests from various places with different tastes would do so, ensure to make the guest house color appeal to the variety of tastes.

A more neutral shade or a shade matching the exterior is always the safe bet. Besides, you can add a bold or pop color to the trimmed or small parts of the house to add a dramatic effect.

Want to take your guest house planning up a notch and make a one that outstands all other designs? Get in touch with the House to Home, and our experts will bring the design of your dreams to life.